Ward 25: Scarborough-Rouge Park

Councillor Elect

We knew it would be close, we said every vote would matter, and it was. 

Thank you to my family, my dedicated campaign volunteers, my supporters and the 1,879 households who proudly displayed a vote McKelvie lawn sign. I'm so grateful that together we made it possible.

I have much respect for Neethan Shan, a dedicated public servant that always puts Scarborough first. I also want to thank Paul, Amanda, Cheryl, Reza, Daniel, Christopher, Joseph, Jasper, and David for putting their names forward to represent the residents of Scarborough-Rouge Park. I know our paths will continue to cross as we all work to strengthen our local community.

Now the real work begins.

Scarborough deserves better and I promise to be your strong voice at City Hall. Together, we will fight for an integrated Scarborough transit network, a Scarborough specific economic development plan, new retirement housing options for our seniors, and safe school zones for our children.

On December 3, I will start this new adventure as City Councillor for Ward 25: Scarborough-Rouge Park. Shortly after, I will be opening both City Hall and Constituency offices. I also promise to keep you updated through monthly email updates.

In the meantime, I can continue to be reached at 416-931-0960 or click here.

Thank you for putting your trust in me.

Best regards,

Jennifer McKelvie, Councillor Elect for Ward 25: Scarborough-Rouge Park